This has probably got to be my most requested blog post! I have to admit it’s fairly predictable and I am probably not providing you with many original ideas, but perhaps that’s teen girls for you?! My one certainly seems to know what she likes and doesn’t like, so this gift guide definitely has her in mind. At the very least I hope it might spark a few ideas. I am definitely going to be buying some of what I’ve picked out but she’s already been given lots for her birthday which was last week! ( yep, lucky her!)

Considering how much time they spend in their bedrooms, we may as well make them comfy, so ‘Home Details’ is a great choice for lifestyle bits and bobs (more coverage on interior next week). Regarding skincare, it’s always a personal preference, my girl uses the Alpeor range and L’occitane and is very happy with both, so I have included them in this post. Hair products are always a good idea and our salon, Art U keeps tab on all things needed at any age. Clothes and all things pretty have been handpicked from places we tend to shop from Stradivarius, I’m in hate love and DV9.

Anyway, I hope this is helpful.
Maria x