Time to tidy up your make up and have it all in one place – not scattered all over. Most of the time we have all our products lying around simply because it appears to be easier to find them (or so we think). Quick tips today on how and where to store your gold!

Foundations, creamy based products and lipsticks must be kept in a cool, dark place as exposure to sun and warmth can dry them out and also separate the natural oils which will eventually lead to spoiling the products. So ladies, if you regularly carry your fav foundation and lipstick around, take care not to leave them in the car especially now that the temperature is starting to rise.

As for powder based products such as eye shadows, bronzers, blushes, powders, etc., these should be kept anywhere that is dry. If you keep these products in the bathroom then they are in great risk of becoming saturated and cakey. The best place to store them is in an exterior closet.

Ideal places to keep your makeup:

  1. Clear acrylic drawers so you can scan what you have without digging through whilst looking for your favourite lipstick.


  1. Use drawer dividers to make your makeup look instantly organized.


  1. Keep your makeup brushes organized by using unused flower vases. If you don’t want them to get dusty use a used up straw dispenser to pack them all in and close it up.


  1. Use pretty jars or empty candle holders to keep your brushes or mascaras in line. I also use them to stack up cotton pads and buds.

  1. Finally, you can invest in buying a good vanity case, that way you’ll be super organised. Problem is, if you are a makeup addict like me you will probably need a couple to fit all your products in.

Till next week…