Previously, I wrote an article on Wednesday Morning Coffee about transitional skincare,from hot to cold and how to adjust your skincare when we move from summer to winter.I don’t believe we should change our whole routines when transitioning into different seasons but rather make some small adjustments to keep our skin happy! Please go back and read the first article to fully understand this one.

Here in London, summer still tries really hard to come but I know in Cyprus summer came early this year. Typically, our skin in the summer can get oilier, dehydrated from the sun and salt, water spotty from sweating all day whilst wearing SPF/make up and more uneven from sunspots and pigmentations.

I’ve put together a list of products that are “summer friendly” but as I said, listen to your skin first and then make some adjustments, don’t change your entire routine because your skin ultimately might not like that.

So first up, cleansers:
I use both cream and wash-off cleansers all year round (read more about that here) but I prefer to go for more lightweight formulas. For example I enjoy using the Intelligent Nutrients Cleansing Cream or the Weleda Almond Cleansing Lotion.
As for gel cleansers, I love anything refreshing,like the Nuori Vital Foaming Cleanser because it’s so easy to use and it leaves the skin clean but not stripped, or the Odacite charcoal mint cleanser because of its minty cooling effect on the skin.
If oil cleanser is your thing, then check out the Whamisa Cleansing Oil, it’s pretty lightweight for an oily formula.

In the winter it’s all about the layers of hydration, starting with a fine mist, then a hyaluronic serum, then oil and/or cream. If your skin is happy continuing the same routine then that’s fine but I find my skin needs a bit less.
First, I go heavy with a super hydrating mist like the one from Josh Rosebrook and then whilst it’s still yet on my skin I apply my favorite Twelve ideal moisture level serum mixed with a drop of oil (read more about combining serums and oils here). If I’m applying sunscreen that morning, then I skip the drop of oil and go straight to my beloved Pai SPF 30. This is hands down my favorite natural SPF I’ve ever used. It’s such a lightweight formula, so great for anyone concerned about irritations and/or congestion from mineral SPF’s.

Nothing really changes for me with masks but I do find myself occasionally reaching for a soothing mask if sunburnt or if I spend too much time in the sea. For example, Ren Evercalm comforting rescue mask or the Twelve London Mask.

Pigmentation treatment:
My skin is predisposed to having some pigmentation issues, and I realized that when I was left with some really dark post-acne marks. Since then, I try to use vitamin C products especially in the summer, and here’s why:

Vitamin C blocks the effects of something called tyrosinase; an enzyme that’s responsible for melanin production in the skin. It also reduces the oxidation of existing pigment, preventing it from getting even darker from the sun. Since vitamin C is an antioxidant, it adds an extra layer of protection by helping to neutralize free radicals from UV rays. So it is a great way to boost your SPF’s effectiveness and minimize the damage you can’t see. I like to use the Nuori serum treatment, which lasts only for 20 days, it’s a good one to do in the beginning of the summer to help your skin prepare for what’s coming.
If pigmentation is your main concern then I would recommend to use the Nuori vitamin C treatment for 20 days first and then continue with an antioxidant/vit C serum on a daily basis for maintenance, e.g. the Antipodes Apostle brightening Serum or the Twelve Brightening Corrective serum.

And that’s it! Easy!
If you have any questions, as always, get in touch!

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