Many philosophers and scientists have tried to explain what happiness is, the ultimate goal being how humans can achieve more of it.

I am sure that you have also tried to define happiness. Is it a feeling? A state of mind? Is it ownership of certain material possessions?

At the end of the day can happiness be achieved? Happy, relaxed, being calm and complete are descriptions of feelings that we all want more of.

My suggestion is this: Stop constantly chasing for the next thing that will make you “happy”. More often than not, we do not see the blessings that we have right in front of us. Focus on your family, your friends, the positive aspects of the job you have (even the minimum requirement of receiving a salary). Most importantly try your best to be in the present. Not necessarily to be positive all the time, but to identify the good things in your life and create many “happy” experiences.

Everyone wants happiness but sometimes other feelings get in the way.

The 3 emotions that get in the way of happiness are: 

  1. Stress. A fast way to manage stress is to sit quietly and take four or five slow, deep breaths. Soothe and relax your nervous system.
  2. Envy. It occurs when we want what others have, this poisons our enjoyment of our own lives.
  3. Boredom. The enemy of happiness. Instead of doing meaningless activities, let your mind wander. You can soon get back in touch with your creativity!

“Happy” experiences are what give us the strength to move forward in life. And when we understand the components and ingredients of such moments, we can create more of them and lead a happy life 🙂

Strive for all the things you want, while enjoying all the things you have!