If a hurried snack, slipping on PJs and jumping into bed early constitutes your average cold, winter Thursday night, then I get you! That’s me! If the only thing you want to do is crash listening to the crashing sounds of thunder storms then, yes, bring it on. But we have V –day to woman / wife / partner up to. So ladies, get yourselves into the mood.  I’ve put some ideas together to get me inspired hope they do it for you too.


  1. Up Your Dinner Game

Cooking together strengthens your relationship. Try out new recipes with fun ingredients together, ‘think outside your weekly shopping box.’


  1. Make a Date Night Playlist

Open a bottle of your favourite wine and play some music on Spotify. You could  follow Wednesday Morning Coffee’s playlists (we’ve got you covered for V day) or simply listen to those that are special to you to take you down memory lane and add some new tracks that can get you dancing in the kitchen while cooking.

  1. Ditch the Loungewear

Swap boring everyday loungewear and go for a first date outfit. What I’m saying sounds like a real effort after a long day but glam yourself up for your man, he sure will appreciate the effort.


  1. Put your phones out of reach

Switch off your phones, rid yourselves of any distractions so that you can really enjoy ‘we’ time! Enjoy the moment, you don’t need to capture it and show it off!


  1. Play Bartender

Skip the wine and deliberate over what cocktails to drink and make some exotic tantalizing ones. Create a signature cocktail for the night to make the evening even more eventful.

  1. Finish the Evening with Something Other Than TV

Make the TV an off limits device, add an unusual activity to the evening like recapping your favourite vacation memories, going through photo albums, or even making your bucket list together, you could also give eachother an intoxicating facial!!!

Make V day a memory making night! Bring the romance back – remind yourselves of where you were back at the start of your relationship.

Happy Valentine’s Day