“Valentine’s Day,” shouts out long eyelashes and sexy looking RED LIPS. Red lips have always been hot, daring, attractive and flattering. So here on WMC we have put together a short list of our favourite reds that will totally transform your lips to be as eye catching as ever!

Firstly, lets remind ourselves of some tips:

  1. When choosing your red you need to have in mind that there are many colour shades suited for various skin tones. Therefore, a general rule is ladies with a fair skin tone should go for true reds with no orange tones, medium skinned ladies look best in pink/orange reds while darker skinned ladies should go for darker shades.
  2. If you are going to wear Red lipstick make sure your outfit ‘compliments’ it. A busy outfit will only make it look cheap and trashy and we don’t want that. Opt for solid black, for a smart look or if you want to look a bit funkier pair it up with a leather bomber jacket, white T-shirt and a pair of jeans.
  3. Use a lip liner the same shade as the lipstick because you want to lock your lipstick on your lips and not get it smudged on the outside of your mouth!
  4. CAREFUL it doesn’t transfer onto your teeth! To avoid this, make sure you blot your lips with a clean tissue after application or apply some translucent powder. You also want to take care it doesn’t ‘bleed’ so for that, apply some concealer around the border of your mouth.
  5. Tone everything down when wearing Red lipstick! You must always have in mind that it should be paired with the lightest possible eye makeup. A bit of mascara and beige eyeshadow will do just fine.

Favourite Reds:

A personal all-time favourite is Pirate by CHANEL ROUGE ALLURE

“A classic red with blue undertones. An intense, long-wearing lip colour with full coverage and a satin finish”.

If you want kiss proof lips this V-day, then look no further. Cherry by MAKE-UP ATELIER promises endless kisses with no change to your initial look. (Can be bought from The Makeup Pro by Barbara Nikolakaki)

“Formulated with volatile oils and silicone resins, the long lasting lipstick dries quickly forming a flexible and comfortable film on the lips.”

Possibly one of the most famous red lipstick shades is Ruby Woo by MAC  

“Very matte vivid blue-red”

A recent addition to my makeup bag and a well worth one is 400 – Rouge Ecstasy lipstick by ARMANI

“A 10-hour wear lipstick that protects & hydrates lips throughout the day”.

And last but not least is a rich and highly pigment red 01 Le Rouge by YSL

“Intense hydration and antioxidant care with a high color payoff”.


To prolong wear of your lipstick make sure you apply Prep + Prime Lip by MAC right before your lipstick application but dub it with a tissue to remove any excess. You can also apply some makeup to neutralise the colour of your lips and also prolong wear.

‘Till next week…Hope you have a very  ‘REDDY’ VALENTINE’S DAY!!!