Whether you’re headed off to the gym for a sweaty session, got caught in a downpour or off to a wedding where tears of joy will definitely be shed, waterproof mascara will guarantee that your lashes stay perfectly curled and coated. Today we recommend a few tried and tested brands that deliver!

Doesn’t clump, doesn’t flake, doesn’t budge. It’s the runway mascara with “lash-extension” volume, in a Waterproof version. It has an incredibly buildable cream formula for adjustable professional volume that is nothing short of spectacular.

The result: custom volume that mirrors the effect of professional lash extensions used Backstage.   

A super strong waterproof formula that lasts throughout the day & night. The ultimate weapon of seduction, Cils d’Enfer defines and intensifies eyes with a genius formula whose secret is a combination of waterproof volumizing and styling waxes. These work together to add dramatic volume and curl to the entire lash line, all in a single stroke.

Volum’ Express® The Falsies® Waterproof Mascara creates more visible eyelashes for a glam look. The clump-free formula delivers bigger, thicker, and fuller lashes for dramatic volume. 

Enhancing volume, extending length, creating curl and staying put to the extreme, these highly defined lashes are clump-resistant, non-flaking and non-smudging – and can now withstand moisture of any kind.

Instant lash-lift effect and intense lengthening mascara. Inspired by the makeup artist hack of bending the mascara wand for added control and ease of application, Unlimited Mascara’s unique two-position wand can be used straight or bent to customize your lash look. Waterproof mascara lasts up to 24 hours.

TIP: Since waterproof mascara is particularly stubborn it’s always a bit challenging to remove it and doing it the wrong way can result in a few lashes falling off or irritating the skin around the eyes. Simply take a cotton pad and pour some of your eye makeup remover onto it. Close your eyelids let the cotton pad rest for a few seconds on top of your lashes. Gently wipe the cotton pad downwards (NEVER rub back and forth), towards your lash tips. 

‘Till next week…