It’s true that from the moment we are born all we want to do is try that red lipstick or add a bit of rouge on our cheeks. We can’t wait to grow up and be allowed to put on makeup. However, as we get older the techniques and products that used to work for us, stop being as appropriate as they once were and that’s when we maybe need to rethink our makeup regime. All we want is to look as pretty as possible so today’s post covers common mistakes we might unintentionally do which could age us.

 Saying no to foundation! Many of you think that by not applying foundation you don’t intensify wrinkles. It’s a myth, since a good foundation evens out any skin discolorations and will ultimately give you a youthful glow! Having said that always remember that you need to exfoliate and prep your skin before any application, not doing so can leave dead residue on your skin and the foundation will stick to it and make you look like you have really dry, dull skin. You also need to moisturize really well because again if you don’t then the foundation will adhere to the dryness and make you look older than you are. Make sure you don’t apply too much of the product as it might sink into any wrinkles and make them look deeper than they actually are, try to also stir away from matte effects too. It’s always better if you use something more moisturizing and illuminating which will give you a natural glow.


  1. No need for powder. Most of the powders in the market have talc in them to completely dry the skin and suck away any sign of moisture. If you have more mature skin, then this will only result in cracking your foundation making your wrinkles seem more prominent.


  1. Blusher gone wrong! While blushers brighten up the entire face and highlight the look with just a few swipes, when it’s not in accord with lip color or skin tone, it can look harsh and out of place. So what you need to always have in mind when choosing your blusher is to choose the shade closer to your skin tone. Try to avoid applying the blusher on the apples of your cheeks as this will only drag your face downwards. Instead apply the blusher higher up, on your cheekbones and only a tiny bit lower as this will have a lifting effect. Keep away from highlighters even though you might love them, the glitter will only sit in any lines and wrinkles and make them stand out. Try adding a liquid highlighter before your foundation application as this will give you a more youthful glow.


  1. Lipliner OTT! Please don’t line your lips above your natural line! Lip liner is meant to define your lips and lip color, not double as your lip color. If you like using lip liner to fill in your lips, always follow the natural curve of your mouth which will help play down any feathery lines around the mouth. Make sure that you use a creamy liner which will help you get maximum results and not a matte lipstick as this will only dry your lips and make them look much smaller.


  1. Lining only the waterline. If you line only your waterline then you make your eyes look bottom heavy and small. Instead try to line both waterline (lower) and tightline (upper) as this will result in wider, more attention grabbing eyes. You can also apply just a bit of liner on the outer part of your waterline only, this will have a lifting effect and your eyes will look better. Make sure you don’t apply too much mascara on the bottom lashes as this casts a shadow underneath the eye and makes any bags you have look darker than they really are.


  1. Bright, sparkly eyes! Bright colors—although fun and very stylish at the moment — if they are done all over the eyelid they can intensify line creases, hooded eyes or even droopy eyelids and simultaneously look far too exaggerated. Metallic shades will also spread and highlight any fine lines you have on your lids. Instead opt for a touch of colour by applying a coloured liner which will definitely look classier and give you that nice pop of colour without being over-exaggerated.


  1. Forgetting your brows. Eyebrows are the frame of our face so for me they are THE most important feature. Unfortunately, as we get older our eyebrows have the tendency to thin out and sometimes become paler. My advice is never to ignore them. Always fill them in with a pencil that’s close to your natural hair color, using quick, short strokes. You can thicken your shape slightly too and this will give you a younger looking effect.


(Soft foundation, blusher on the higher parts of the cheeks, liner on the outer part of the waterline, mascara mainly on the top lashes, lipstick on the lips – My ideal look)

Growing old shouldn’t fear us! Instead it should make us feel proud just as long as we do so gracefully ladies.

‘Till next week!