Wife, mother, teacher, blogger – in short, a hectic, crazy lifestyle but this is no excuse for bad eating habits. Mine and my family’s routine is fast paced and extremely busy (like most families I know). Finding time to make menus, squeeze in the weekly shopping and negotiate on food choices with the children is tough and frustrating. So just one obligatory outing to the supermarket per week, is just about what most of us can cope with. Should that be the way we go about it? Conscience and current awareness says ‘absolutely not’ but practicality and convenience say otherwise. I have bouts of implementing a healthier diet based on a better planned shopping list but lack of time and patience and dreaded battles / negotiations with the children make me revert back to what is EASY.

Reading the book ‘The Preventive Power of Food’ aimed at how to prevent and fight cancer by my friend Christina Economidou Pieridou triggered off the vital need for changes in our diet and truth be said we have managed to stick to it since Christmas. An immediate and complete alteration is impossible but we are trying. Small changes are still changes and they all add up.

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Christina at her book launch

I have known Christina for a couple of years and she is inspiring to listen to. Her passion for a healthy lifestyle and diet is immediately transmitted. Mother of two, and a clinical dietician and nutritionist she understands the difficulties of sticking to such a regime but has ways to simplify the process. Reading her book, we become fundamentally aware that the best way to fill ourselves up and to stay healthy is with a nutrient-dense, whole food diet. After all it is these foods that provide all the vitamins, minerals, fibre, antioxidants and phytochemicals we need to combat most diseases and to balance optimum health. I’m not trying to preach to the choir but sometimes we need an inspirational boost to get us back on to the wagon.

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It took two visits to Christina’s house to get me into smoothie making. The first fruit and vegetable mixture she made was unappealingly green with its avocado, oranges, mango and spinach. However, it tasted far better than what it looked! The second mixed berry and pomegranate juice concoction looked and tasted delicious. Upon gulping it down the black seeds got stuck in my teeth, proof that I thoroughly enjoyed it. So not appropriate for a first date!

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For more details on Christina’s book, philosophy and suggestions to healthy eating see the interview below. Definitely worth watching!

Christina’s book can be found in all of Kyriakos Bookshops and Public shops in Cyprus and on amazon.com
Also visit Christina’s website for advice on overall health and well-being www.mynutrilosophy.com