Do you want to lose weight❓

The first step to doing so is by burning more calories than you consume.


Yes to CARDIO!

Not only strength exercises that involve all muscles.

Track your BREAK!

If you work for 30 seconds take a 15 second break.


Dont worry. You won’t become a bodybuilder overnight.

CHANGE exercise routines often!

Don’t stick to one routine. There are plenty to last you a lifetime.

WARM-UP every time!

Skip the rope/ treadmill /bike /push-ups.

CIRCUIT Training!

Do circuit training 1-2 times per week.

Don’t skip SNACKS!

Your body needs fuel! if you don’t snack and consume healthy food your body will eventually burn muscle instead of fat.

Drink WATER!

Your body needs water to stay hydrated. Especially during Summer in Cyprus.