A month fully associated with falling in love needs its perfect pairings.

When it comes to wine, below you can find my top-5 Sparkling choices:

  • Giulio Cocchi, Asti Spumante – the “classic party”

(price range in €: 10-15)

Cocchi’s ASTI is without a doubt, one of the most popular sparkling aromatic wines in the world. It is only produced in small quantities from the finest Moscato from the Asti hills.

100% white Moscato is creamy and delicate to taste, with a very scented aroma. A sweet sparkling wine true to its grape variety. It is ideal with desserts.

  • BAVA, Rosetta – ideal for all the “wild roses lovers”

(price range in €: 15-20)

An extraordinary wine from the world-renowned aromatic grape variety: Malvasia of Schierano

A wine to-die-for (or let’s say to live for)! Rosetta is a pleasant surprise: a wine full of bouquet of aromas of wild roses and strawberries. Overall it is considered as a sweet/dessert wine.

  • BAVA, Malavasia – AKA “The sexiest wine in the world”

(price range in €: 15-20)

Made completely from the aromatic grape variety: Malvasia of Schierano

A must-have wine for every happy occasion! It is a surprisingly aromatic wine with an intense fruity aroma of wild red roses and strawberries. Powerful in taste and appearance!

  • Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne, Réserve Exclusive Rosé –

(price range in €: 45-50)

Bursting with red summer fruit flavours, this champagne is perfect to express your love! Refined, yet very vibrant, with extremely delicate flavours. Réserve Exclusive Rosé is a refreshing and exuberant Champagne offering fresh, light fragrances and just perfect as an aperitif or with simple food pleasures.

  • Bollinger Champagne, Special Cuvée – density and subtlety

(price range in €: 60-65)

A golden bright colour complimented by very fine bubbles. It is beautifully aromatic. Roasted apples, apple compote and peaches are just a few hints, one can identify in its aromas. Taste wise, it has power, a spark that gives it a subtle combination of structure, length and vibrance. It goes well with fish, white meat and poultry.

A wine which happens to be Champagne is meant to be shared with the ones you love on a simple or special occasion.

These are my recommendations. What about you? What do you pair with love?

See you next week!

Cheers, Santé and Yiamas..

Until then.. Strike for a glass half full !

Nicole x