We all need to lay low for some time until this Corona Virus comes to a head. Being stressed and scared will not get anybody anywhere. The best thing we can do is to look on the bright side, be positive and take this time to relax, and catch up on the most important thing of all. Family.

Being forced to stay indoors in the midst of a worldwide pandemic is not a dream come true for anyone but love and staying in good health will see us through. Make the most of your time together. What’s better than some quality time with our loved ones even if it does mean that we’re confined to our homes.

Here is our list of things you can do during quarantine.

Plan your entertainment:

  • Play board games/card games
  • Watch old movies/ family movies/new movies basically Netflix
  • Take day trips in nature/ by the beach
  • Read books
  • Do puzzles
  • Paint (anywhere)
  • Choose an activity to do on the beach ( eg. read)


Find new recipes and get creative in the kitchen

Do arts and crafts (we love making jewelry)

Take up a new hobby eg. knitting

Now is the time to DIY if that’s your thing

Do home workouts ( WMC has loads for you to do)

Learn something new on line ( new language, new skill)

Do some gardening

Make your own vegetable patch