I am often asked how to make the best out of unused corners. Basically, there is often a need to make use out of them so they don’t stay unexploited.

In my opinion, there are spaces in which a corner can indeed be left as it is, and maybe just seen as an architectural element with only an uplight, a floor lamp or floor light hitting upwards. Still beautiful. However, depending on the house and how minimal it is, sometimes this void should not be left untapped, as it may seem a little empty. An impressive floor sculpture could do the work in such cases and with the correct lighting, it makes the corner impressive and noticeable.


For this effect, there are a few elements that I can suggest for filling corners in smart and aesthetically nice ways.

Indoor plants for example, are always a great addition. They offer greenery, freshness and a nice comfy feel.


The first thing someone might think of for a bigger corner, is of course the corner sofa.

But if we are still talking about smaller corners, a practical bookcase might do the trick,  with a chaise longue infront for reading purposes. Make it a favorite place in the house, if you are into reading and especially if there is a window nearby, it makes it even more comfortable.

For a more industrial look or even a boho one, a corner bookcase and a throw-stand can take place in a narrow corner. Last but not least, if the corner is near the entrance door, a great addition to it can definitely be a modern coat stand, which is useful and practical for coats and hats!

Oh, and I mustn’t forget! If you have kids and need to fill corners in ways that you feel will not aesthetically bother you, try the below fun teepees or even try drawing a house shape in the corner and then placing  hanging shelves to create a little doll’s house for a girl, or car shelves for a boy. They will just love it!

Nicole Ioannides x