Yes. I’m one of those people who have a little stash of skincare next to their bed. I think it’s nice to have at least what you definitely use after you get out of the shower, and also some basic stuff like tissues and lip balms.

So here’s what I have, and maybe it will inspire you in some sort of way to work on your bedside table skincare routine!

Lip balm:

I use the Twelve Lip treatment, as the name suggests, it’s a treatment for the lips, not just an average lip balm. It stays quite well too, I usually wake up and I can still feel it.

An all-purpose balm:

I usually use a balm on my feet, as I like something super rich and nourishing. But sometimes I use it on my whole body, or face.I have the May Lindstrom Blue Cacoon, which I know is extremely expensive but it’s so nice and smells like heaven, literally. I associate the smell with calmness and sleep-time so I love it for that reason but there are so many other good ones which are cheaper alternatives. Check out the Balm section from Naturismo.

Body Cream:

I love the Antipodes Joyful Hand and Body Cream, I go through a couple of these a year and have also bought many for presents. It literally smells like walking into someone’s garden, it’s incredible! The texture is lightweight, sinks in super quickly and doesn’t leave an oily residue. If I wear it, then I don’t need a perfume.

Body tools:

I have a body brush for dry brushing. That doesn’t mean I use it as much as I should though. Dry brushing is the best way to boost your lymphatic system, but you should do it daily for it to work. However when I do do it, it doubles up as a body exfoliator so it leaves my skin super smooth. I use the Hydrea London, the one with the beautiful dark walnut wood on top, it’s stunning.

Body Ointments:
I recently started using the Lost Explorer Movement Massage Balm which is one of those products that you put on the skin and has a warming sensation to help soothe and relax stiff muscles. Sometimes I have back pain from carrying my heavy kit around, so it’s really nice to apply something warm on that area before I go to sleep. Top tip: use it on your belly when you have period pains, and on your feet when they are really cold!

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