Last week, I received the most incredible compliment from a close friend.

While we were doing the usual car, discussion, long list of things to do together, she came up with the most heart-warming compliment that really ended up being quite tear jerking.  She was telling me a story about some friends of hers and then went on to say how although her and I can be, a whole lot of negative things, there isn’t a person on this planet that has a bad thing to say about me! (but I’m sure there is, there always is :))

Anyway, at the end of her conversation, she said: “I’m so lucky I have you.”

Something about those words — I’m so lucky to have you — moved me so much. What is it about certain words that can make you want to cry a million tears and remember them forever?

My son’s teacher told him the sweetest things on a card she had prepared which she gave to him on his first day of school, that also made me teary.

I’m curious: What’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to you? What’s something that made you feel really good? During this back-to-school time when anxiety is maxed out, I would love to overhear your sweet nothings.

Maria x