Yep! You’ve probably heard about it, stumbled on a post or two, viewed it on stories and basically seen it somewhere on social media. OURS has hit the town! We have officially given our jewelry pop ups a name! Mine and Cat’s new project, OURS went live May 1st and is fast becoming well loved by you all.

Lots of you keep asking all the WH questions…why, when, how, what?

I’ll tell you!

My best friend, Katerina and I have always been making things for ourselves ever since I can remember; we would even braid colourful strings to make friendship bracelets for the summer as teens. Every year we’d come up with something different and on every Greek island vacay we’d be on the look out for that something different that we could wear and take back home – the never ending story.

We’ve always loved the fine and fashion jewelry mix so whenever we couldn’t find what we were looking for, we’d make it exactly as we wanted for ourselves.

A couple of summers ago we made some leather and gold filled ball bracelets and the summer after that,  we took them apart to make the shell charm you’ve fallen in love with today.  Why the shell? It was found by our children on the beach and was given to us. We decided to drill it and create a piece of jewelry that could be layered, discreet and above all authentic.

Last summer we had our first pop up and in March our second. Everything we make are pieces we would wear and I suppose that is why OURS has been a hit!

We might be 40 something year olds doing this for pure pleasure (because by profession we are teachers)  but it is fulfilling and priceless knowing that our designs are wanted and worn.

You can find us on Instagram:  OURS and very soon at Design Rarity at Amara

Maria x