Just like life, a wine glass, should always be seen as half full.

Some people are believers of the more the merrier. saying that, with wine, this is not so!

In general, a wine glass should be filled no more than halfway to the top, the widest point of a glass is a relatively correct way of measuring the quantity of the serving

To gain the full experience of enjoying wine, you want to be able to clearly look at its colour, by tilting the glass.

The aroma of it, is what enhances the entire enjoyment and flavour experience. To help the wine release its complexity and aromas, while reaching its peak flavour by opening up its bouquet, it should be in limited contact with air. Therefore there needs to be enough room in the glass, to swirl your wine. A wine glass should be narrower above the centre point, to allow aromas to concentrate at the nose. If a glass is filled all the way to the top, the wine’s aromas will dissolve in the atmosphere, while the swirling will be challenging to handle without spilling. Swirling the wine, also allows us to enjoy the legs (aka tears) of the wine, which indicate the body and the complexity of our beloved drink.

Filling your wine glass all the way to the top, will affect its temperature – the fuller the glass, the longer the wine stays in it hence its temperature will rise by the time you drink it.

Seeing a glass half full, just like its homonymous phrase, is simply one of life’s delightful pleasures.

See you next week!

Cheers, Santé and Yiamas…

Until then.. Strike for a glass half full !

Nicole x