A wine to be made requires the grapes to undergo numerous procedures that may differ from one to another. However, at the end of the day, the process of winemaking starts with grapes and ends with wine.

Beautiful vineyard scenery while sunset.

A generic description of what wine actually is can be defined as the product we receive when grapes undergo partial or whole alcoholic fermentation. At this point, yeast convert the sugars existing in the grape juice into alcohol. Saying that, the winemaking process of red and white wines is very different. For example, white grape juice is separated from the skins before the fermentation, whereas juice from black grapes is fermented in contact with the grape skins.

Examining the Quality of Ripe White Grape

Did you know?

Since the colour of the wine is determined by the grape skin, you can make white wine from black grapes, because the juice of almost all black grape varieties is almost colourless.

This kind of wine is called Blanc de Noirs, which means White from Black.


This style of wine is commonly found in champagne– and quality sparkling wine! It is also an indicator that the wine will have a bit more body and fruity fleshiness. It can also accompany stronger, more powerful flavors while embodying the fresh characteristics of a white wine.

I tend to associate this wine with someone who may sacrifice a part of himself, without completely losing his identity.

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