5 years ago I lost by beloved younger cousin from cancer and this has been one of the most life changing experiences of my life. Since then it has become my mission to help prevent as many cancer cases as possible. Modern science has its way of both preventing and helping in treating cancer. The foods we eat affect our internal terrain and can either cause or fight cancer.

I strongly advise everyone to get educated on how to prevent cancer from affecting their loved ones. Simple changes can have a profound effect on reducing cancer risk.

My top 6 tips are:

  1. Maintain healthy weight
  2. Check and if needed correct vitamin D deficiency
  3. Avoid sugar and bad oils (margarine, soybean oil, trans fatty acids)
  4. Add powerful anticancer foods to your diet (green tea, turmeric, broccoli, green leafy veg, berries)
  5. Detox at least twice a year
  6. Be active!