It may sound peculiar that a tree has things to teach us but if we pay close attention, its lessons can benefit us greatly. Almost every part of a tree can be related to our human nature and give us a philosophical life lesson.

Wifey and I have a Cypress tree (Kiparissi) opposite our apartment that never seems to amaze us. Especially during this winter, it has sustained through strong winds, cold showers, thunderstorm and hail! Many times we watched it bend, almost surrendering to the strong winds but every morning, without disappointment, it stood tall, proud, evergreen and alive.

Lessons from our tree:

  1. Stay grounded but reach for the stars! I believe that  remembering where we come from and staying true to ourselves is as important as anything.
  2. Be flexible and embrace each season. Just like a tree bends with various directions of the wind, you too can maintain an open-minded-mentality and be as flexible as you can be. The most unhappy people I’ve ever met never accept change and remain stuck in both their opinion and life.
  3. Stand tall and proud. Have you ever heard of the saying “to love another, you must first love yourself?” Just like a tree, you can grow stronger each year reaching new heights in your desired aspects of life. Loving yourself does not mean you have to become a narcissist!
  4. Grow strong and provide shelter to other people. I am sure, at least once, you have sat under a tree and enjoyed its shade! Growing stronger as a person, you will be able to provide the same comfort and shelter to other people.

A last lesson from our favorite tree is this:

“If you don’t like where you are, move, you are in fact, not a tree”

What other lessons can a tree teach us, tell us what you think?