If you search online or on YouTube, you will find an abundance of different tutorials on how to contour your face. Some believe in contouring, some don’t! The world famous Bobbi Brown states “it looks like dirt” whereas the great Mario Dedivanovic (Kim Kardashian’s MUA) creates amazing definition on every face he works on. The truth lies somewhere in the middle as a little contouring can definitely bring out some of our best features.

  1. Right shade, Right texture

For contouring to work you must have the right shade to play with and that is two shades darker than your natural skin tone. Anything darker will only make it stand out and look unnatural. As far as texture is concerned that depends on the result you are looking to achieve.

  • For a bolder more intense result try using a foundation stick drawing lines where you want to create depth and then blending them in with a dampened beauty blender.

  • For a more sophisticated result you can contour with matte powders. The procedure is the same as with the foundation stick…just draw lines in the places you want to contour with an angled brush and then slowly blend them in with a powder brush. (Tip: try to apply some translucent powder before the contouring powder to prevent the darker one from sticking onto the natural oils of your skin.

  • For a completely natural look try using a liquid matte bronzer applying it only in the hollows of your cheeks and slowly blending it in with just your fingers.

Start contouring

Decide on your product of choice, know your end result and begin. The first place to contour is your cheek hollows and you can do this by placing your product from the middle of your ear moving it toward the corner of your mouth but don’t go further than mid-cheek. The next part you can shade is solely based on you. If you have a less noticeable forehead you can apply the product along your hairline and temples. To sculpt your jawline softly buff under your chin. Finally, if you want your nose to seem slightly slimmer blend soft parallel lines on either side, this will give it some definition.


  1. Keep shimmer products for highlighting

You need to keep in mind that the reason you want to contour is because you are trying to add depth so that other parts of your face can ‘stand out’. Your contouring products need to be matte so that they can absorb the light and not reflect it therefore any bronzers with a glow will not work.


  1. Highlights and Blushers

Once you are done with contouring you can start highlighting to bring out those wonderful cheekbones. Something I have recently found out is that your highlighter needs to match the texture of your contouring product (liquid, powder etc.) For an extra dimension result choose a shimmery gold highlighter but if you want a more natural look go for a more pink/gold highlighter. Application starts from underneath your eyes, moving towards the top of your cheekbones to add just enough light and gleam. You can use your finger to lightly place it where light naturally hits—on lids, cheekbones, just above your lips on the Cupid’s bow, and down the bridge of your nose.


And voila! That’s Contouring for you !

Till next week ladies…