This isn’t where Erin Brockovich would live and definitely not what Pretty Woman could have afforded (ok, not until her fairy tale ending that is) but Julia Roberts can and yes, this is her real home with her husband Danny Moder and their two children.Their San Francisco home has Victorian style characteristics that can be seen on the columns, white molded perimetrical frames, ceiling designs and vertical wall claddings. Neutral tones and a balanced combination of materials and textures, all come to be tied up in an elegant ambient. When referring to textures, I mean the materials and textiles. Notice the walnut wooden floor in contrast to the carpets. This gives a sense of warmth and calmness. Again, the shiny, mirrored coffee table with the rest of the materials and finishes, which have natural colors like beige and light brown. What mostly stands out is the white clean lines of the walls and ceiling, which allow for some blue tones to be thrown in the house composition, like the dining chairs.Julia Robert’s kitchen makes me feel as if the owner is the woman next door. It does have some lux elements but there is a simplicity and openness that isn’t repulsively overdone. The olive green earthy color given to the kitchen in tone with the wooden floor is brilliantly unified. Laid back, stylish, open and completely Julia! The office zone is one of my favorites in the house. All white, this luminous room has clean lines and just some darker furniture elements for contrast. The camel pouf acts as the center piece that almost gives a boundary between desk and armchairs. Her statement desk armchair, or throne is deffo fit for a film star, wouldn’t you say?

The fireplace in the living room gives a warm cosy feel even though the large windows allow plenty of natural light. Her chosen colour palette is brown, charcoal and white. Luxury lies in the marble around the fireplace, the molded white details and on the leather couch, but everything balances evenly with the roughness of the wooden floor and the three dark tables. The master bedroom presents serenity, ease, comfort and calmness. Although in strict straight lines there are still earthy tones like the rest of the house. What takes up all our attention is the wide window with the beautiful view.  And look at the skylight above the bed! So what feelings do we get from Julia Robert’s house? Do you think they have anything to do with her personality? I think so!

We did say before that her house has some elements of luxury but nothing in excess. She also looks like ‘the girl next door’ to me, somebody you could sit and chat with. Simple, calm, a relaxed personality. I would say her bedroom is serious and minimal -classic, just like her personality seems to be. She is stylish and anything but loud yet incredibly on point.She does have a throne-like armchair in her office though, something a superstar or a diva would possess, the rest of the room has a great balance in materials, textures and style.

It is important to actually give real emphasis to our inner world and try to introduce the elements that feel right to us, in our interiors. We need to feel complete and comfortable inside our private space. A home doesn’t need to be filled with luxurious items everywhere, even if we can afford them. Its meant to be filled with things that are meaningful to us, in terms of aesthetics and practicality. This is what will make a house a stylish home.


Thanks for reading.

Nicole Ioannides Varnava